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Wishing you a very Happy 2012 but also wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated in our courses throughout 2011 - the feedback was fantastic and we are in the planning stages to run a number of new and exciting seminars, roundtables and courses in the coming months. Here are some of the comments we received so if you haven't experienced an amplifi event or fancy looking at other courses, get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you soon; From XLP.......
" The day was amazing, we were given a full breakdown of information, skills,
advice and encouragement to help us go forward and achieve the best song writing there is. We were provided with lunch and a great spaces to work in. We also gained an extra opportunity to network with other aspiring writers and artists and create links with each other! All in all 10/10! "
From the songwriting day....
"For me the day left me feeling inspired. It re-focused what it is that i like to do best. Songwriting and performing. It's a brilliant idea getting in guest speakers, as you really respect what they have to say (having sold 7million records).
For me the 2nd half of the day was particularly brilliant. Working together with people from completely different backgrounds, that you have never met before on restricted time is tough, and to be honest had me feeling a little squermish at times during the writing process. The session went in waves, sometimes all 3 of us not knowing what the hell we were doing to all of us being quite excited and basically going up and down throughout.
The end result ended up being a little more cheesy than what i would have written alone, but then, i was surprised by the positive reaction of the audience after, this might go to show it wouldn't harm to embrace the cheese a bit more. The melody has stayed in my head till this day even. Personally i found that this way of collaborating definitely 'filtered out the shit' as Martin puts it and left us with something catchy and a tune that all 3 of the writers could be satisfied with. I can understand now for writing pop tunes/chart tunes collaboration is definitely a good way to write as your tune is more likely to appeal to the masses, than say if one person just writes it.
The day was simple, covering some excellent key points. I liked how Martin referred to points such as "Spikes" within pop songs and then backed up his points with recordings of popular songs. I appreciated him starting the day with a list of rejection letters he had received from various record labels, as this made the journey involved seem more realistic, that everyone has to deal with this.
I was very touched to hear the way some of the other members of the group spoke to Martin at the end. They were inspired and so thankful of what they had learned during the day. It seemed that no matter what background people came from wealthy, poor, struggling or suceeding everyone seemed quite humble in the end, and i liked that."
The Amplifi sessions have been a huge help to me, as they not only provide young musicians with the invaluable opportunity to meet and learn from top industry professionals but also to network with like minded musicians, many of whom I’ve collaborated with on some different musical projects. Personally I consider myself extremely lucky to have been able to take part in the Amplifi sessions and would recommend it to anyone.
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