November 29, 2010 Posted by admin in News

Amplifi Connect: A&R & New Music

The evening kicked off with a discussion on A&R, demystifying the myths surrounding it and answering questions such as; What’s next for British music? Is it harder to predict trends? Where does the responsibility and power for the state of music lie? as well as giving an insight on how to build a relationship with A&R and labels. The panel, consisting of Paul Jordan (Bug Publishing), Henry Priestman (formally The Christians), Mark Wood (, Phil Christie and Chaired by Sean Divine, were applauded for their honesty, openness and for giving their true opinions and guidance on A&R, a truly enthralling discussion.

“We never truly understood the role of A&R and more importantly, what they are looking for but this evening has really helped us to re-evaluate our approach – thanks guys!”

The second half of the evening showcased artists in the audience, giving them the opportunity to have their music critiqued by the panel. There was a real buzz of excitement as CD’s were thrown forward to be played. The selected artists introduced themselves to the panel and audience and had one minute of play to grab the panels’ attention who then gave constructive critique and advice. Artists from the audience included The Felony, jazz influenced Laura Jorden, rock chick Livia Pye, electronic DJ Finn Evans, 5-piece Brit-rock band Krish, rocker J The Blues and Eastern European band Gruhak, a real mix of styles and influences but all coming away with vital feedback and an opportunity to meet with the panelists afterwards who all went away with a pile of CD’s – so who knows, watch this space for any deal announcements!

The final part of the evening had two live performances. First to perform was Swiss-based singer songwriter Peter King who had flown in especially for the evening and Rochelle, another singer songwriter form London. Both gave truly compelling performances and again were given feedback from the panel.

The whole evening was electric and based on the feedback and numerous requests, Amplifi Connect hopes to hold this type of A&R evening once a month to showcase new talent and allow them to connect with and get feedback from industry professionals - check the website for upcoming event details.